Consider the case of Clark Kent.

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Imagine how Superman’s story would have played out if his abilities had been diagnosed as disorders and suppressed by a regular dosage of medicinal kryptonite on doctor’s orders. Then who would have stopped Lex Luthor from running the world? The Wonder Twins? Lois Lane would have married someone whose ambitions more closely matched her own, Clark Kent would have lived a deeply unsatisfying life of wasted potential behind his desk at The Daily Planet and the world would be worse for it.

On this episode of The Jordan Harbinger Show, author Cameron Herold discusses why ADHD and bipolar disorder can actually be ambition-fueling superpowers that should be channeled — especially by the entrepreneurial-minded who tend to carry these traits — rather than medicated into oblivion. We’ll get into how these traits can be identified and utilized, what those close to us should know if we exhibit these traits, the five stages of the entrepreneur’s transition curve, and much more. 

Watch a preview above, or check out the full episode on The Jordan Harbinger Show YouTube channel here

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