What Our Clients Say

Dept X provides services for businesses from all industries. Our current and former clients include tech companies, management firms, retail businesses, construction companies, artists, entrepreneurs, political campaigns, and more. They range in size from single-employee start-ups to multi-national operations. Most fall somewhere in the middle - small to mid-size organizations. Here's some of the feedback we've received along the way.

Chapman Neil Property Solutions

If you are a small to midsize company, try reaching out to Dept X, you will be surprised with what you can get done and at what price points! Literally surprised so give them a call and see what they can offer your business and stay in budget on your next online project.

OMNI Management Services

Dept. X has provided critical operational support including accounting, digital marketing, and customer service. They brought structure to a struggling division and we continue to use and recommend their services.

Fountain Square USA

Dept. X updated our website and launched our online storefront. Their consulting and systems have generated new streams of revenue and allowed us to scale up and open additional locations.

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