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about Dept X Consulting

Department X was founded in 2018, providing digital marketing solutions for small companies and organizations. Our team is made up of specialists in everything from web hosting and design, to SEO, content creation, and more. 

It's always been a passion of mine to discuss the challenges facing my clients and to help identify and implement workable solutions to overcome them. And thanks to the help of the great people I've encountered through this work, I've been able to build a network of highly skilled professionals who allow Dept. X to do that every day. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities that have opened up through this company, and excited for what the next will be.

Kevin Black, Founder of Department X

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During our 20 minute consultation, we will get acquainted with you and your company, and develop a development plan for you personalized with the challenges and goals you discuss with us in mind. 

We Respect Your Privacy

In this industry, we routinely work with our customers’ highly sensitive business and personal information, including financial records, passwords, emails, and more. 

We want to make it clear that at no time will we ever share or use your personal data for financial gain. 

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