Case Study: Inventory Management App

Inventory Management App

Porter Roofing and Restoration, is  an exterior construction client in Indianapolis. They recently approached us with a fun challenge – develop an inventory management app that can work with QR codes. 

They previously tracked all of their job materials on paper, which worked, mostly. But it came with its own headaches and limitations. Now this isn’t the backbone of their entire business, and they didn’t want to have to spend a ton of time and money, but they needed to make a change. So they came to us for a simple, reliable, and trackable solution that could improve their operation. 

They wanted something cost-effective that was built exactly with them in mind. We were really happy with how it turned out. Check out the demo below.

How it Works


– New orders match an existing job ID (PO) from the client’s CRM, with an optional name and address. 

– We provided QR codes to match their warehouse stock, which can be conveniently scanned in and added to an in-progress order. 

– A custom pdf report is emailed to the bookkeeper once an order is complete. A copy saves to the order in the app as well.  

– We also added a return function, so that unused stock can be added back to inventory and credited back to the project after they’ve finished the job. 

– All orders and returns automatically update the inventory count, which can also be manually adjusted during inventory audits as well. 

*Prices are for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect real-world pricing. 

If you think a app like this could help make your business more efficient, we would love to discuss it with you! Contact Us for more info or just email

We Respect Your Privacy

In this industry, we routinely work with our customers’ highly sensitive business and personal information, including financial records, passwords, emails, and more. 

We want to make it clear that at no time will we ever share or use your personal data for financial gain. 

That’s it. End of annoucement.