Financial Analysis

Sometimes you don't need more sales to make more money. With a thorough and confidential financial evaluation, we can see where money is being left on the table, and offer improvements to your own record-keeping.

Business Solutions

Companies are always in a state of change. Those that are too reluctant or too unwilling to adapt and grow will ultimately fade. Similarly, those that change too often and too willingly, will fall apart. Striking the right balance is essential, and Department X can help offer solutions that do just that.

Client Management

The best marketing you can have is a happy customer, and maximizing the potential of each customer interaction will ensure a long and prosperous business for you. We offer a variety of resources to help analyze and improve your client interactions.

Online Consulting

We offer our full range of services to customers through a variety of online tools. Once we have established the size and scope of a development plan with you, we will find a practical way to communicate with you and your company while we implement those steps.

Sales Capture

From e-commerce platforms and in-person sales, to cross-promotional marketing campaigns and deliverable evolution, Dept. X can help you discover and navigate new avenues of exploration for your company.

IT Consulting

Privacy is a top priority at Department X, and it should be yours as well. An unsecured business leaves you vulnerable to financial and intellectual property theft. See how we can help protect your personal privacy, that of your employees, and safeguard your company's assets.

Schedule a Consultation with Us.

During our free 20 minute consultation, we will get acquainted with you and your company, and develop a development plan for you personalized with the challenges and goals you discuss with us in mind.